2016 Workshops

  • Kyoto, Japan: Governance Transformation and Integrated Information for the W-E-F Nexus
    4-6 April 2016
    Further Information: Final Report (PDF, 2mb)
  • South Africa: W-E-F Nexus and its Linkages to the Implementation of the SDGs
    21-23 November 2016
    Further Information: Workshop Agenda and Presentations

2017 Workshops

  • Maryland USA: Water Assessments: Water-Energy-Food Nexus and Mapping W-E-F Stressors
    12-13 January 2017
    Further Information: Draft Agenda  PDF 183kb
  • Chennai India: Urban Water-Energy-Food (W-E-F) Nexus
    15 to 17 March 2017
  • Brisbane Australia: Global Water Knowledge Synthesis and Assessment
    20-21 March 2017
    Further Information: Workshop Agenda PDF 204kb