Global Water System Assessment

River with water fallWater Future will function as the scientific arm of a series of new global water system assessments, focusing on the UN SDGs in support of improved decision-making and management, within an environment of global environmental change and growing risk and uncertainty. The global water assessment will connect the critical water communities of knowledge generators from the global water sciences with knowledge implementers, practioners from water policy, planning, management and practice.

A state-of-the-art global water system assessment will be established through the collection and harmonisation of existing data sets to gain a comprehensive picture of the global water system and its relationship to human water resource systems, now and in the future. This assessment will be facilitated through intensive collaboration amongst working groups and utilising the current global network of the Global Water System Project.

The goal of this initiative is to establish an ongoing, adaptable reporting procedure on the state of global water resources, which can assesses risk, opportunities and inter-linkages and the appropriateness of governance of the global water system within a scientific, policy-relevant and solutions-oriented process for achieving sustainable development. It is expected several of the Working Groups will contribute to a number of (global scale) water assessments.