World Water Day 22 March: World Science Festival Brisbane 2017

Given over 600 million people are without access to a clean, safe water supply, World Water Day – the 22nd March, is designated as an action-day, to learn, recognise and help reduce this global water crisis. In honour of this, one of the most celebrated annual science festivals, the World Science Festival, is being held in Brisbane this year.  Water Future, together with Griffith University, is partnering with the Queensland Museum to participate at this event.

Designed for all ages, this public event will include a range of experts from Science and the Arts and involve many a hands-on activity and thought provoking dialogue through Brisbane streets, galleries and performing arts venues located in Brisbane’s Cultural Precinct, South Bank. Members from the Water Future Planning Committee, András Szöllösi-Nagy, Charles Vörösmarty and Stuart Bunn will be presenting topics on water –  “Water: Its Not a Privilege” and “Water Talks: The Dirt on Water and Disease” during the festival.

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