Capacity Development

DamYoung Scientist Training

An important capstone of Water Future will be the education of students and young water professionals to build capacity among young scientists for successful science-policy interactions. We will mentor the next generation of water scientists and practitioners, who will focus together on key planning challenges, adopting and capitalizing on the best state-of-the-art science, technology and water assessment tools and promoting an expanded use of integrated and ecosystem-based approaches for the design of future water security systems.

Mentoring is targeted at creating self-sufficient, in-country capabilities to monitor, assess and apply water-related sustainable development goal interventions. The objective here is threefold:

  1. to secure technical and facilitation support using individuals with a high degree of prior professional readiness;
  2. to provide a reciprocal experience, fostering their long-term professional growth, and;
  3. guide the next generation to become a much-needed element of the global water sciences community—the interdisciplinary research and knowledge facilitator.

The main professional development goal for the mentoring plan is to produce well-rounded yet technically proficient leaders in the field of interdisciplinary, policy-relevant earth system science. This essentially constitutes an acculturation process. Such guidance on the social side of scientific research is not yet common, but is increasingly important for research mastery as well as professional networking.