GWSP Archive: Objectives and Scope

An important new insight in river basin research and management is that water in its various forms “operates” in complex social, ecological and economic sectors forming an interlinked system of a much larger scale than an individual river basin or large aquifer. This new awareness of connectivity has spawned the concept of the “global water system”, which in return bears important implications for upcoming research. The focus of research should move beyond river basins to seek sustainable solutions within the context of the global water system.


The aim of the conference is to review the state-of-the-art research, advance understanding and foster dialogue with professionals and policy makers concerning global aspects of river basins and their management.

In particular, this conference will focus on understanding the connection between changes in a river basin and driving forces originating outside of the basin, e.g. the impact of climate change on river basin water availability, or the influence of international food trade on land use and resulting hydrologic changes within a basin, or the impact of international financial institutions on the development of water infrastructure within particular river basins.


A New Zealand GlacierThe conference will bring together scientists, practitioners and young academics, promoting exchange and feedback between the various actors concerned with river basin research and management.

Further Information:

  • The conference will  involve plenary sessions, panel discussions, workshops and poster sessions.
  • Please Note: Due to space limitation the number of participants cannot exceed 200.