GWSP Archive: Workshop on Global Water Governance and the UN-System

Date: 13-15th October, 2010
Location: Bonn, Germany
Organized by: Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Joyeeta Gupta and Theo Toonen
Documents: Directions (PDF, 16KB) ;  Program (PDF, 70KB) ;  Scope (PDF, 26KB)

The global dimension has gained increasing importance in water governance. Water problems have traditionally been considered to be local or regional problems. However, there are strong arguments to take the global dimension into account.

One may question if current fora and processes of global water governance provide the necessary institutional framework to meet present and future challenges.

In particular the following questions will be addressed in the upcoming workshop:

  • What are the present and emerging challenges for global water governance?
  • Is the current global water governance system capable of dealing with present and emerging challenges?
  •  Does UN Water as a body that coordinates UN water activities offer a sufficiently suitable forum for engaging in, discussing and taking decisions on water governance to meet the present and emerging governance challenges?
  • What could and should be the role of the UN system in global water governance taking into account experiences regarding UN activities in global water governance and experiences regarding the role of the UN system in other areas of global environmental governance?