Budapest Water Summit: A step forward in planning for SDG6 implementation

Water is not only the most critical natural asset, but is also an enabler and an inter-connector. These are two of the five main Messages highlighted at the 2016 Budapest Water Summit, introduced by Professor András Szöllősi-Nagy, Chair of the Water Future programme, on the last day of the conference.

The closing document also addressed that the increased water-related vulnerability and insecurity of populations worldwide demand an urgent response. It clearly points out that acting now rather than later is a matter of human dignity, justice and survival.

The document has also identified a broad and comprehensive set of actions as concrete solutions, which was widely welcomed by the participants, and recognised as a clear step forward in planning for SDG6 implementation.

As an annexure to the Messages, Budapest Water Summit 2016 Policy Recommendations have also been elaborated, covering all the thematic areas which are directly or indirectly related to water. The recommendations provide a list of activities that can be carried out along the lines of the SDGs and cross-cutting themes.

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