Call for Papers: Special Issue in Water Resources and Economics Journal

During the recent World Water Congress held in Mexico, (29 May-3 June 2017), the Economic Instruments of Water Security Working Group organised two special sessions. These were:

  • Sustainable watersheds: emerging economic and financial instruments for water security; and
  • Charges vs. buyback: who pays for water ecosystems restoration?

Both special sessions spurred discussion around the three main research lines in the group (payment for watershed services programs, national assurance schemes and water abstraction licenses reform).

As a key outcome, a special issue on these topics has been organised in the Water Resources and Economics Journal. The critical question that motivates this special issue is: “What economic instrument or combination of economic instruments yields a (re)allocation of resources that maximises welfare?”

We welcome papers with a strong economics foundation that use traditional integrated environmental-economic modelling approaches, experimental and behavioural economics approaches, and combinations of approaches (e.g. behavioural economics and/or institutional economics with hydrological modelling). Comparative analysis, policy mix and sequencing, and interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary assessments are particularly welcome.

Submissions are open to all (both participants and non-participants of the conference), with the only requirement that submitted papers are relevant to the topics covered and meet the high quality standards of the journal.

Key Dates

  • Deadline for submission: 31 January 2018;
  • Review and revisions between February-November 2018;
  • Final set of papers ready by December 2018;
  • Online publication of the special issue in January 2018; and
  • Assignment to one of the issues in March 2019.

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Dr C. Dionisio Pérez-Blanco
Economic Instruments of Water Security Working Group