Working Groups to Drive Key Initiatives

Nine working groups of the Water Future programme have been formed recently to drive the key initiatives of the programme. These working groups were selected competitively from a large number of applications received worldwide.  The Working Groups are expected to develop research strategies and activities in accordance with the programme’s agenda on many topics ranging from Groundwater Management to Water Ethics.

Other than basic research, each of the working groups will contribute to the key initiatives of Water Future – the Global Water System Assessment Initiative and Water Solutions Lab Network, which will integrate a broad international science, policy and practice community.

Here is what a couple of our working group leaders had to say:

“I expect Water Future to help set the agenda and path towards truly environmentally and socially sustainable management of our water resources – by bridging social-cultural divides, dissolving the boundaries among institutions, fostering interdisciplinary, and encouraging the sharing of knowledge and best practice, all at scales that will have lasting global impact.” 
Rebecca Tharme – Chair of the Environmental Flows Working Group

“Achieving Sustainable Development Goal six (water and sanitation) is one of the world’s biggest challenges.  Bringing expertise from across the world to focus on integrated solutions is a great starting point to making a real difference.  The majority of the effort for water and sanitation needs to focus on the significant trend towards urbanization in the world, including a lack of integrated water supply and sewage services for nearly half of the global population and the vulnerability of people to disease and social stigmas associated with inadequate services in this area.
Peter Scales – Co-Chair of the Urban Water Systems Working Group

Each of the chairs and/or co-chairs of the working groups has been chosen as a member of the Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) to provide scientific guidance and fine-tune the broader research themes. As all the working groups will be represented in the SSC, we see a great opportunity to increase the cross-fertilisation of ideas stemming from each of the working groups.

Each of the working groups will be supported by core groups on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Assessment, Water Governance and Data and Earth Observation.

News courtesy of: 
Anik Bhaduri
Executive Director
Water Future