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2014 Conference Banner-Sustainability in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

A01: The Water-Energy Nexus in Shared River Basins – How Hydropower Shapes Cooperation and Coordination

A02: Earth Observations, Monitoring and Modelling for the Sustainable Implementation of the Nexus Approach

A03: The Need for Horizontal and Vertical Coordination in Governing the W-E-F Nexus

A04: Agriculture, Biofuels, and Watersheds: Nexus Governance Challenges at Local and Global Scales

A05: Water Solutions Lab Network – Networking Innovations for a Sustainable Water Future

A06: Implementing the Nexus in the MENA Region

B01: Environment and Wellbeing: The Role of Ecosystems for Sustainable Development

  • B01_Biggs.pdf
  • B01_Neef.pdf
  • B01_Snorek.pdf
  • B01_Lucas.pdf

B02: Governing the Nexus: Tools and Case Studies

  • B02_Curmi_film.mp4
  • B02_Curmi.pdf
  • B02_Ehling.pdf
  • B02_Farajalla.pdf

B03: Sustainability – the Hidden Dimension of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

  • B03_Boelee.pdf
  • B03_Karlberg.pdf

B04: Implementing the Nexus at Various Scales: Transboundary Challenges and Solutions

  • B04_Johansson.pdf
  • B04_Moroz.pdf
  • B04_Schulze.pdf
  • B04_VanDerKrogt.pdf

B05: The Nexus and Climate Change Adaptation

  • B05_Ahn.pdf
  • B05_Lee.pdf
  • B05_Mohtar.pdf
  • B05_Rodgers.pdf
  • B05_Conway.pdf

C01: Towards UN-Coordinated Support to the Implementation of the Nexus

  • C01_Faures.pdf
  • C01_Lipponen.pdf

C02: Institutional Capacity Development for Advancing the Nexus Approach

  • C02_Adeel.pdf
  • C02_Wehn.pdf
  • C02_Ribbe.pdf
  • C02_Tsegai.pdf

C03: Ecosystems and their Services in the Nexus

  • C03_Lacombe.pdf
  • C03_Volk.pdf
  • CO3_Baker.pdf
  • CO3_Nangia.pdf

C04: Nexus Implementation Pathways in River Basins – Political, Economic and Community Narratives for Action

  • C04_Woltersdorf.pdf
  • C04_Venema.pdf
  • C04_Kumar.pdf
  • C04_Sarkar.pdf

C05: Tools to Address Synergies, Trade-Offs and Resource Efficiency

  • C05_Byers.pdf
  • C05_Bartelt.pdf
  • C05_Baum.pdf
  • C05_Halbe.pdf
  • C05_Vinke-de_Kruijf.pdf

C06: Approaches to Resource Management for the Nexus

  • C06_Hurford.pdf
  • C06_Putzenlechner.pdf
  • C06_Golam.pdf
  • C06_Pluschke.pdf

D01: Implementing the Nexus at Various Scales: Connecting Metropolitan Regions and their Environment

  • D01_Atkinson.pdf
  • D01_Brekke.pdf
  • D01_Meza.pdf

D02: Sustainability in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus: An Environmental Resources Perspective

  • D02_Huelsmann.pdf
  • D02_Ito.pdf
  • D02_Schwaerzel.pdf
  • D02_Hettiarachchi.pdf
  • D02_Kurian.pdf
  • D02_Ardakanian.pdf

D03: Co-optimizing Solutions for Water and Food – Scoping the Nexus Challenges in the Agro-Sector and Finding Scalable Business Solutions

  • D03_Patel.pdf
  • D03_van_Steenbergen.pdf
  • D03_Dallbaumann.pdf
  • D03_Cramwinckel.pdf
  • D03_Guenther.pdf
  • D03_Mueller.pdf

D04: Governance and Management of the Nexus: Structures and Institutional Capacities

  • D04_Goerg.pdf
  • D04_Knueppe.pdf
  • D04_Lahn.pdf
  • D04_Medina.pdf

D05: Tools for Sustainable Implementation of the Nexus Approach: Instruments and Tools for Integrated Planning

  • D05_Kirschke.pdf
  • D05_Nandalal.pdf
  • D05_Rosen.pdf
  • D05_Sorek.pdf

D06: Implementing the Nexus at Various Scales: Local and Regional Perspectives

  • D06_Mukherji.pdf
  • D06_Taniguchi.pdf
  • D06_Dukhovniy.pdf
  • D06_Cherlet.pdf

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