Workshop Update: “Anthropology of the Anthropocene: Structures, Theories, Practices” 17-20 May 2017 Indianapolis USA

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“Anthropology of the Anthropocene: Structures, Theories, Practices” is designed to bring together anthropologists who have been tackling the sociocultural frameworks and experiences of the Anthropocene and to place these scholars in conversation with leading thinkers in policy, theory, philosophy, science, art, humanities, urban planning, and law. The goal is to tackle large multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary questions about anthropology’s role in the Anthropocene and examine how new methods might advance current theoretical and applied frameworks. The workshop will be held at the Indiana University-Purdue University of Indianapolis Arts & Humanities Institute.

Invited participants are listed below, whilst further information is available  here.

  • Maria Rebecca Ballestra (Monaco/Italy);
  • Dominic Boyer (Rice University, USA);
  • Eduardo S. Brondizio (Indiana University, Bloomington, USA);
  • Alejandro Camargo (University of Montreal, Canada);
  • Jim Enote (A:shiwi A:wan Museum and Heritage Center | Zuni Tribe Member);
  • Ananya Ghoshal (Forum on Contemporary Theory, India);
  • Ignatius Gutsa (University of Zimbabwe);
  • Cymene Howe (Rice University, USA);
  • Sue Jackson (Australian Rivers Institute, Griffin University | Sustainable Water Future Programme);
  • Mark Kesling (The daVinci Pursuit, USA | Sustainable Water Future Programme);
  • Jason Kelly ( IUPUI Arts & Humanities Institute, USA | Sustainable Water Future Programme);
  • George Marcus (University of California, Irvine);
  • Fiona McDonald (IUPUI Arts & Humanities Institute, USA);
  • Amelia Moore (University of Rhode Island, USA);
  • Philip Scarpino (IUPUI, USA | Sustainable Water Future Programme); and
  • Paul Stoller (Westchester University, USA).

Free Public Event 

A public event from the IAHI Entanglements Series entitled, “What is the future of farming?“, will take place on Friday May 19th, 2017 at Indy Reads Books (Address: 911 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, IN). Entanglement events brings together scientists or social scientists with humanists or artists to discuss a “big question”. This lively moderated panel discussion will tackle some critical questions around farming today from both humanist and applied perspectives. This event is free and open to the public.  Please visit Eventbrite to learn more.


This workshop and associated public events have been generously supported by Indiana University New Frontiers in the Arts & Humanities Program, and the Wenner-Gren Foundation. Additional support received from community partners Indy Reads Books.

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