Our People

The effective and inclusive management of key activities is a central role of Water Future. To ensure this, the decision-making body of the programme  has been designed to be both user- and science- driven; with relevant stakeholder communities systematically involved in designing and guiding the programme, as appropriate.

As an intricate global network, Water Future is, in essence, a family, united with a common purpose and with a mutual respect for the unique knowledge, experience and expertise each individual brings.  Without this acknowledgement and respectful collegiality, the key objectives of the programme may not be met.

The many members of the Water Future family may be found in the sub-pages (International Secretariat, Planning Committee, Scientific Steering Committee, Researchers) so please click on the menu options provided, whilst the current governance structure is demonstrated below.

Governance Structure

International Planning Committee
The Planning Committee for Water Future was formed as the governing body to guide the formulation of a strategic research agenda for the programme and to make recommendations to the Scientific Committee on research initiatives and operations.
Internationale Secretariat
The International Secretariat is managed by the Executive Director together with support from its’ scientific and administrative staff.
Scientific Steering Committee
The Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) will provide scientific guidance, fine-tune the broader research themes defined by the Executive Committee and translate them into cutting-edge research questions and projects.