Global Research and Innovation Priorities to Achieve SDG6:Global Marathon

The University Marathon is a global event which involves academic & non-academic groups to discuss water related research and innovation.


During the week of the 2023 UN Water Conference and on 2023 World Water day, an international event will be staged as an online relay marathon. The focus will be on the research and innovations that are needed to improve the five pillars of the SDG 6 acceleration framework which are: Financing, Innovation, Governance, Data and information, and Capacity development. Please refer to the following link for more information:

The event will start on 20th March in New York and will be broadcasted via Zoom with the baton being passed from region to region around the world. Australia and the rest of the Western Pacific Rim have an allocated time slot from 10am – 12pm AEST (Brisbane local time) which is to be joined online via Zoom (link to be issued upon registration and prior to event). The first 15 minutes will consist of key messages from the session from the previous region, followed by discussion on the five pillars. After the 9 international sessions and 24 hours, there will be a final synthesis session at the Roosevelt House in NY. All outcomes of the debate will be transferred to the main UN event that will start at noon on March 22nd (New York local time).

The five panellists who will lead discussions for the West Pacific Rim region include:

  • Prof David Hamilton – Director, Australian Rivers Institute, Griffith University, Australia
  • Dr Regina Souter – Director, International WaterCentre, Griffith University, Australia
  • Fraser Goff – Regional Systems Strengthening Lead, WaterAid Australia
  • Andrew Kingsford – General Manager, WaterStart, Australia
  • Bronwyn Powell – Team Leader and WASH Advisor, Pacific WASH Technical Assistance, Asian Development Bank
  • Dr Jenny Webster – Director, Our Land and Water, NZ

The event will be facilitated by:

  • A/Prof Brian S McIntosh – Head of Education, International WaterCentre and Head of Discipline Environment and Marine Science, School of Environment and Science, Griffith University