JOIN US-World Water Forum Session 6.a.1 – Financing the ecosystems services dynamics

Session 6.a.1 : 19th March 16:30 – 18:00pm 

 Room #25 Theme -Finance 

Payment for Ecosystem Services mechanism is already included in several legislations with a variety of financial incentives combined with environmental regulation. On the other hand, collaborative multi-community actions for biophysical basin preservation is undergoing in some developing countries based on traditional knowledge. Both approaches offer complementarities to strengthen the biophysical dynamics of the basin and preserve volume and water resources quality under polluters pay principle and/or cooperative arrangements at river basin scale. In addition, green infrastructure needs metrics to quantify impacts to get increasing funds. The sessions aim to identify innovative financing mechanisms and approaches for green infrastructure (including river basin financing institutions) with the support of national and local water and land management authorities.

Sustainable Water Future Programme
World Resources Institute
Sustainable Amazonas Foundation
Greater Paris Sanitation Authority – SIAAP (France)
National Water Agency – ANA (Peru)


● Virgilio Viana, Sustainable Amazonas Foundation
● Alex Mayer, Australia, Private Sector  Engagement
● Juliana Santiago, Amazon Fund
● Ina Porras, International Institute for Environment and Development
● Suzanne Ozment, World Resources Institute (USA)