GWSP Archive: Conference Videos 2014

2014 Conference Banner-Sustainability in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

 “Call to Action for Implementing the Water-Energy-Food Nexus”
This video summarizes the outcomes and key messages of the International Conference “Sustainability in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus”.

“Sustainability in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus”
Achieving water, energy and food security for everyone is one of the greatest challenges humankind is facing today… This video was commissioned by the Global Water System Project (GWSP) as an introduction to this pressing 21st century challenge.The video was launched at the International Conference “Sustainability in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus”, Bonn, Germany on May 19th and 20th 2014.

“Science Meets Business – What the Private Sector Can Do to Implement the Nexus”
Holger Hoff from Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) interviewing Liese Dallbaumann from PepsiCo

Science for Solutions: Interview with Charles Vörösmarty

Plenary 1: Sustainability in the W-E-F Nexus

Plenary 2: Science Policy Link Panel

Plenary 3: Governing the nexus for transformations towards a sustainable future

Plenary 4: Scientific approaches to implementing the nexus at various scales

Plenary 5: Ministerial Panel on the Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus and Ecosystem Sustainability in the Post 2015 Agenda for Sustainable Development