GWSP Archive: The Role of Water in The Green Economy

The Role of Water in the Green Economy

International Institute for Sustainable Development & Global Water System Project (2012): The Role of Water in the Green Economy: A perspective from the water science community (PDF, 2MB).

Summary of Key Points and Policy Recommendations:

  • The fundamental requirement of the green economy is that it delivers food, water and energy security for all;
  • Water is the practical entry point for integrated solutions to linked water, energy and food security challenges as it underlies all dimensions of human health and well-being, and is fundamental to both food and energy production;
  • There will be no green economy without diligent and highly efficient water stewardship and management;
  • We need to set formal water targets and monitor those through Earth Observation to achieve water security for food and energy; and
  • Innovative water governance approaches including a joint management of land and water resources are central components of a green economy for humans and nature.