GWSP Archive: Videos

“Sustainability in the Water-Energy-Food-Nexus ”
Conference: 19-20 May 2014: Bonn Germany

Conference Launch:
An introduction:  A pressing 21st century challenge

… Achieving water, energy and food security for everyone is one of the greatest challenges humankind is facing today …


Conference Outcomes:
A Call to Action:  Implementing the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

Science for Solutions:
Interview with Charles Vörösmarty


Science Meets Business:
What the Private Sector Can Do to Implement the Nexus

Holger Hoff (SEI) interviews Liese Dallbaumann (PepsiCo)


“Water in the Anthropocene”
Conference: 21-24 May 2013: Bonn Germany

Conference Launch:

The video “Water in the Anthropocene”, was launched in 2013 at the Opening Plenary of the GWSP Conference in Bonn. The video depicts the massive influence of humankind on the global water system of Planet Earth.

Evidence is growing that our global footprint is now so significant we have driven Earth into a new geological epoch — the Anthropocene. Human activities such as damming and agriculture are changing the global water cycle in significant ways.

Eva Flinkebusch and Anik Bhaduri (GWSP IPO) masterminded the script together with an international expert team.