GWSP Archive: World Water Week 2013

Cooperation to Address the Complexities of Water Management

When: Sunday 09:00-12:30
Where: Room B7

Recent United Nations World Water Development Reports focused on the critical role of cooperation among decision-makers in water resource management at different levels in the public and private economic and social sectors. The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in 2010 commissioned a Think Tank on Water and the Future of Humanity. The Foundation sponsored a book containing the reflections of the eleven well-known personalities in the field of water management who were members of the Think Tank, now released by Springer. The food, water, energy and environment nexus has been the subject of several conferences, notably in Bonn in 2011. Integrated systems analysis is underway of water needs and availability on the planet now and under the Water Futures and Solutions Initiative.

Representatives of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Think Tank will describe the justification for and findings of their exercise. Representatives of the Global Water Systems Project will describe the role of cooperation at the water, food, energy, and environment nexus. Partners in the Futures Initiative will present their approach to combining the factors described to identify a set of adaptable, resilient and robust solutions. A facilitated panel will discuss with participants how cooperation can facilitate and enrich the ongoing processes.  Representatives of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the Global Water Systems Project and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis will describe collaborative processes which examine water issues of today and the future to identify sustainable solutions. Participants are invited to describe how their work might contribute to the on-going processes.

Leading Convening Organisation: International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
Co-convening Organisations: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Global Water Systems Project (GWSP)


Cooperation towards Quality Standards for Aquatic Ecosystems

When:  Monday 17:45-18:45
Where: Room B7

PowerPoint Presentations:

  1. Presentation from the 2013 World Water Week, Stockholm (PDF, 357KB) ; and
  2. International Water Quality Guidelines for Ecosystems (PDF, 680KB)

Presentation - World Water Week 2013Under the aegis of UN Water Thematic Priority Area “Water Quality”, an international project is launched to develop comprehensive international water quality guidelines for various aquatic ecosystems worldwide. The concept will be introduced, including its emphasis on aquatic ecosystems prevailing in developing countries.

The event will start with outlining the scientific challenge to establish these guidelines and will then address the issues of implementation and sustainability. It is expected that the subsequent discussion will provide important additional insights and will facilitate to form partnerships for project implementation.

Convenor(s):Global Water System Project
Co-convenor(s):United Nations Environment Programme and United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security


17:45    Opening and Welcome. Prof. Janos Bogardi, GWSP, Germany
17:50    UNEP’s Initiatives in the Area of Water Quality and the International Water Quality Guidelines for Ecosystems Project. Dr. Thomas Chiramba, UNEP
18:05    Concept and Implementation of IWQGES. Ms. Nike Sommerwerk, UNU-EHS
18:20    Water Quality Guidelines and Ecosystem Flow Requirements. Dr. Rebecca Tharme, TNC
18:30    Discussion and Summary. Prof. Janos Bogardi, GWSP, Germany

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