Bengaluru – Budapest Science Action Plan towards Sustainable Water Futures

Science and technology must make a leap in understanding—and then responding to—the constantly changing water system and close this information gap. To ensure sustainable water futures require partnerships across academia, governments, UN and other intergovernmental, development organizations, civil society and the business sector. The realities of current water challenges motivate the international water science and management community assembled in Bengaluru, India, and Budapest Summit 2019 to call for science action plan given the sustainable development imperatives associated with water and other connected development goals.

The recently concluded Water Conference in Bengaluru and the Budapest Water Summit urge a strategic partnership of scientists, public stakeholders, decision-makers, political leaders and the private sector to develop a broad multi-perspective action plan. Specifically, the conferences call for the development of an evidence-informed and value-based digital operating framework for water across scales that will integrate effects of hydrological, biogeochemical, ecological, human health, cultural, social-economic behaviour, institutions and will help understand feedbacks in near real-time for all stakeholders. This will enable us to identify, predict and adjust responsible production and consumption behaviours under varying risk conditions based on evidence-based science.

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